Sigma Beauty


BRAND POSITIONING:    Sigma Beauty is an international cosmetics company with a line of professional makeup brushes recommended by countless beauty experts, but the company has not focused on advertisement. By promoting their state-of-the-art makeup brushes, Sigma Beauty can increase both reach and revenue.

STRATEGY:    In this age of technology where a woman can learn how to create any specific look by following a YouTube tutorial, beauty marketing can emphasize how high-end tools result in a more skillful makeup application. The tagline “Elevate Your Artistry” frames the user as a visionary, capable of creating elaborate artwork using her face as a canvas.

AUDIENCE:    Millennial women and teenagers, ages 15-35.

VISUAL IDENTITY:    Millennial pink with pops of unicorn attributes (glitter, metallic, iridescence), reminiscent of Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year, Serenity and Rose Quartz.



1. “Finger Painting,” poster


2. “You vs. Me,” digital ad

A playful representation of how “my” preferences (especially for Sigma Beauty brushes) are much better than the other’s inferior choices.


3. Sponsored Snapchat filters, digital promotion

Three individual filters for the popular social media app Snapchat. The filters utilize facial mapping technology to layer a specific makeup effect on the user’s face, allowing her to try out a new trend or just have fun looking outrageous. Each filter promotes a specific makeup brush and the type of makeup to use with it. Each image features the Sigma logo, a trendy overlay, and a high-quality makeup brush image. Each individual closeup has the title of its respective filter listed.


4. “Insta-lips,” billboard

A more streamlined advertisement intended for large-sized spaces and quick viewing. The audience is encouraged to interact with the brand on social media.


5. “Drenched,” print ad